Back to Basics: Tenting under some Florida Stars

All you need
All you need

When I first arrived here, I was undecided about where to stay and how. The last time I traveled, when I fished the country, I was being just enough to not die. I dropped about 50 pounds, slept in numerous crazy public places like Walmart and church parking lots and stayed within my “we-can’t-afford-a-funeral” budget.

This time I’m discovering a lighter side of life: Campgrounds. With a mesh tent and a black sky poked with the lovely light of Florida stars, I’m starting to think the couple bucks you spend on a space at a campground is worth the beauty, solitude and peace of mind. I don’t know if some people might accuse me of “growing up” or “maturing,” but that’d be nonsense.

Camping out is about as American as apple pie and pickup trucks and I’m starting to see why. Lake Talquin is certainly a beautiful place to start. A few locals gave me some inside intel, suggesting minnows over ‘crawlers for bait so I’m stocked for sunrise (bought both just in case).

And I should be the last one to give any kind of advice but I’ll tell you that whatever life piles on you, a tent under some stars might lighten your burden, if only for a few nights.

If you’re in Florida and want to recommend any places to camp, I’m all ears and would be more than grateful.

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