More Florida Imports: Peacocks on Live Bait

Another muscular peacock bass that crushed a live bait.
Another muscular peacock bass that crushed a live bait.

Now first and foremost let me establish that this trip is and has been from the outset a largemouth bass mission. I am and will fish with anyone that thinks they might be able to put me on America’s favorite fish, and for a good cause, and certainly the Bass Online guys have gone out of their way to help to that end. Having that said, damn peacock bass are cool.

They’re just a species of fish that has no business in tight little canals in Florida waters. Every hit, every fight and every fish feels like something stolen from a dream you had where a species that’s tougher, nastier and more muscular snuck into your quiet little watering hole.

I find myself wondering about the South American climate where these fish evolved, wondering the currents and forces of mother nature they had to battle to become such an amazing game fish.

When I became more interested in saltwater fishing as a teenager, it was because I was under the impression fish like this didn’t exist in freshwater. The violent strikes, explosive runs and vicious headshakes are more a reminder of a bluefish than a bass.

And regardless of what draws you to the water, it’s hard to deny that the beauty we see, both in nature and in the fish we pursue, is at least part of the allure. And you can stare at these fish for minutes counting the different colors in each.

I found myself googling the state record fish and wondering what a ten-plus-pound peacock would fight like. Don’t bother, I can tell you that slope’s a slipper y one and you’ll forget about every other fish and wind up in a scary place.

But my father had a simple saying that he applied ot many aspects of his life: “One more.” He did one more hour of work, one more selfless act and earned one more dollar before turning in. So in that spirit, here’s one more peacock picture, a fish as beautiful as they are brutal at the end of your line. If you’re in South Florida and get the chance to chase these fish, it’s worth every minute spent in pursuit. And even if you don’t care about your skin, this picture (and blog for that matter) should be virtual proof that Buffs are good luck, so slap one on.

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