Catch a Cure II Gets its First Sponsor: Sunology

Good people, making a better product.
Good people, making a better product.

On Sunology’s website, their mission statement reads: “We’re committed to supporting causes that are reflective of our brand values and progressive nature.” That’s an easy sentence to write on a webpage, and one only need to look at Facebook or any social media forum to see that writing about yourself in a positive fashion isn’t all that hard. The other day a UPS truck arrived at my apartment, and I was delivered a box full of Sunology sunscreen and gear.

Why? Sunology is donating a dollar per pound of largemouth bass caught on Catch a Cure II to the Melanoma Research Foundation this coming winter. Opening your wallet for a good cause… That’s decidedly much harder to do than writing or talking, and these people are doing it.

Their sponsorship, during a time when I’m trying to put together partners for this second venture, means more to me than I can express here in words. It’s not the expensive Christmas presents you received at 19 or 20 that you remember, it’s those first ones that lay mysteriously beneath the tree throughout all of Christmas eve, and probably cost less than anything you’d be given in years to follow.

It’s still October here on the North Shore of Massachusetts, but the other day felt decidedly more like Christmas, for me and the cause I’ve come to care so much about, too.

I have every hope, like a kid on Christmas at 5, that there will be years to follow in which Catch a Cure becomes something bigger than it is now, something more than I can make it during this period of my life. But I know, without a doubt, that I’ll remember opening that box on that October day like it was Christmas, no matter how many times I repeat Catch a Cure for the rest of my life.

If you’re in a store and looking to grab sunscreen anytime soon, remember that many are made by large corporations who know you need their product to stay safe and that they don’t need to make any effort whatsoever to encourage you to purchase it. But there’s one sunscreen, at least, that does care… about you, about our health as a species and about their customers. And if you see me on the road this winter, and want a free bottle (or want to give to the Melanoma Research Foundation in exchange for one), flag me down and ask. Unless I live to be a thousand or put on a lot of weight, I won’t be able to use the sunscreen they’ve so generously sent me, and I’d like nothing more than to share it with you.

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