The Silver Lining: What Cancer Gives Us

So many tremendous human beings have come to the aid of Catch a Cure.
So many tremendous human beings have come to the aid of Catch a Cure.

I could tell you, and I have, about the damage cancer, and melanoma, has wrought in my own life. I lost my hero and best friend, my father, I lost my health, which in truth was my own fault… but show me someone who deals with the loss of a parent at 27 and moves forward healthfully and I’ll show you a liar.

But I choose not to focus on or look at these things. Cancer has brought much more hope into my life that one might imagine. On the road with Catch a Cure, I saw the absolute best in people: Human beings willing to give of their time and energy to fight for the cause.

Few things in my life have felt better than donating the money I was able to raise to the Melanoma Research Foundation. I found Rick Roth, a man who embodies the spirit of selfless dedication better than most. The people at Hanes donated the T-shirts to be sold for the cause.

Joe Higgins at Tomo’s Tackle in Salem has helped me by selling the shirts out of his shop. The wonderful people at Bassonline in Florida came out of the woodwork to fish for a cure.

People who I have never met and barely talked to have shared my posts through social media to help spread the word.

It’s a funny thing, that when you start to move a stone away from the darkness, so that there might be light… you don’t need all the strength it would take to move that stone alone. If you start to push, so many others come to your aid. It is easy for many of us, and I’m as guilty of this as anyone… to look at that enormous boulder, to see a problem as seemingly insurmountable at cancer, and to let it lie.

But if just approach it with faith, both in ourselves and in those around us, “mighty forces come to our aid.”


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