An Exciting Day at Catch a Cure Headquarters (A.K.A.: My Tiny Apartment).

The second batch of Ts arrived today, and I'll be suiting up an army against melanoma.
The second batch of Ts arrived today, and I’ll be suiting up an army against melanoma.

There are some feelings, like the fish on the end of the line, that are such an ingrained joy in us from youth, that we almost, for a second, become young again in the throes of their sensation.

Christmas morning, falling in love, seeing the sun rise… and, yes, seeing that U.P.S. truck pull up to your house… these are experiences that, if we have early on enough in life (and are positive), are saved inside a part of us that does not grow old.

And when we tap into them, no matter our age, we are ourselves young again, if only for a moment.

But enough sappy banter, the point I’m getting at is that I was doing something that might look like cleaning my apartment (to the untrained eye) when I saw that enormous U.P.S. truck squeeze down my tiny one-way street and heard a knock at the door.

It was a delivery of a second batch of Catch a Cure T-Shirts thanks to the selfless and goodhearted people at Mirror Image Printing. Rick Roth at Mirror Image knows about the battle against skin cancer all too well, and has time and again volunteered his services to help fund the mission here at Catch a Cure. I was and am grateful for the help, and couldn’t help but tear into the box to see see a fresh batch of shirts, ready to sell to raise funds for the Melanoma Research Foundation.

I have every intention of creating an army against skin cancer, and this will be our uniform, and Sunology our sunscreen. With Rick Roth at Mirror Image back on board and Hanes donating the shirts, round II is picking up steam. Native Eyewear is on board with glasses that you’ll have a chance to win with a contribution, and Sunology is giving us perhaps the most important element, sunscreen. We have a growing army against melanoma.

I would be remiss to write anything today without mentioning that my heart goes out to those in Paris. I was fortunate to visit the city as a young man, and to quote Hemingway: “If you are lucky enough to live in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

I never lived in Paris, but I was blessed to see the city from atop to Eiffel Tower, to wander along its beautiful streets, and my heart aches for those suffering in the city. Hope is our greatest human trait, and I am hoping that those suffering tonight find some solace and comfort, however they can.

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