Catch a Cure II: Moving Forward

The Sun Also Rises
So many tremendous human beings have come to the aid of Catch a Cure.

I’m currently home for the holidays in Upstate New York, enjoying time with family, but I’m still pushing forward with Catch a Cure II.

As of right now we have a host of generous sponsors who have gotten on board for the cause. Native Eyewear has donated glasses, Get Vicious Fishing is on board for up to $500 for the Melanoma Research Foundation, Rick Roth at Mirror Image sent a second batch of T-shirts to sell for the cause, Sunology has sent more sunscreen so that everyone involved in the project will be lathered up and sun-safe.

In the bigger picture, Gian Lombardo and Emerson College, where I’m working on my Master’s Degree, have approved the project for a Directed Study, where I’ll assess a fishing audience for what I hope to be a forthcoming publication.

While I was spending time with family and loved ones this past Christmas, I couldn’t help but reflect on how grateful I am for all the generous support I’ve gotten with this project. Every company, no matter the size of the donation, that has gotten on board has meant the world to me. With this backing… I’m not just one man fighting a disease, I can represent something more: A generation of fishermen determined to stay safe on the water and what’s more, beat this dreaded disease once and for all.

As much as I’d like not to be… I’ve become as web-dependent as most everyone in my generation. And I have to say, while social media has its admitted drawbacks and cringe-worthy posts… every time I see a “like,” a comment or a share of my project, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter,it warms my heart in knowing that we’re an army against this disease and its days are numbered.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone who has supported Catch a Cure, in any way whatsoever. It has truly meant the world to me.




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