A Day to Remember

DSC_0009 47.jpgI thought for a long time about what I might even say, share or write on this date. It’s impossible not to think about the senseless tragedy, about those who woke up one morning, expecting to go to work and return home, and never did.

All of us Americans take a moment on this day to remember, to mourn, to think about one of the most horrific events to ever take place on American soil.

And I thought about 9/11 more this year than I have in the past.

I thought about the people who were doing something as simple as going to work, and how the insane and brutal events of that day altered their lives forever.

And I couldn’t help but come away with one constant and repeating idea: Thank God I’m still here. Thank God I have today, and maybe tomorrow… to reach out, to make someone laugh, to dream something, attempt something, write something, to go to church, to text a loved one, to write, to study, to be me.

And I think that’s something that most of us take for granted every day. We go to sleep assuming we’ll wake up, we cross the street assuming we’ll get to the other side and we call someone we care about assuming they’ll answer.

For me, I guess, and I hope for some of you, today was a day to perhaps appreciate, be grateful for, and to absorb all the little things we can do, all the things we still have the chance to do, all the things we can plan on doing in the future.

September 11, 2001 was a heartbreaking and terrible day in our nation’s, and the world’s, history.

And perhaps we can honor those who lost their lives that day by not taking a single moment that we have for granted. Not a single moment.

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