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Twas the Night Before…

12744551_10102868853137166_6895480161803180996_nI have to say, I’ve been a fisherman my whole life, and I’ve always gotten excited and a little bit nervous the night before a trip. But being at the epicenter of the bass fishing universe is something else entirely.

I was checking out Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees near Tulsa, Oklahoma today, where I’ll be getting on the water tomorrow, and absolutely everything was centering around this one event. No matter what store, tackle shop or gas station you walked into, you could feel a tangible enthusiasm about what will be happening there next weekend.

It was like the Christmas Eve of bass fishing, and it felt as though I were at the North Pole. Everyone that walked into a shop, gas station or by a dock was talking about next weekend’s classic. 

And it wouldn’t be Christmas-Eve-Special if it weren’t for a few miracles. I’d reached out to guides, hoping one would want to get on the water for a good cause, and I’d been waiting to hear back when…

Clint Baranowski, a guide here in Oklahoma, gave me a call. Man did my face light up when I talked to this guy.

And he went on to say, and it almost pains me to repeat this… they were on some fat fish that were feeding heavily. Now as a superstitious guy, I am not… repeat: NOT assuming that that will be the case tomorrow.

Having that said, it was good to hear. So I’ve got five alarms set for bright and early tomorrow, and when you hear from me next, I’ll have taken my crack at fishing the lake that all the best professionals will be competing on this weekend.

The rod is rigged, the stage is set… now if only I can get some sleep before this first trip. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has read or followed my journey this past summer, and this second go-around this winter.

Every “like,” “Share,” or comment I see on a post, blog or Instagram photo reminds me that I am not alone out here fighting melanoma, that I’m a small part of an army of us that each do it in our own way.

From the bottom of my heart… thank you so much, and I’ll check back in  tomorrow. – Rick


Oklahoma! Catch a Cure II Begins!

This bass was four-plus dollars for the Melanoma Research Foundation.

After hours on the road, countless 5-hour Energies, and a couple “cheap” motels, Catch a Cure II (me) has reached its first destination: Grand Lake of the Cherokees, Oklahoma.

We’re here to fish for a cure, thanks to our sponsors Sunology, Get Vicious, Native Eyewear and Rick Roth at Mirror Image.

I’m excited to be at the site of an upcoming B.A.S.S. tournament, and ready to get on the water.

For the second time in less than a year, we’ll be on the water for a great cause: to fight cancer, and a cancer that’s especially dangerous to outdoorsmen and anglers.

I’ve been blessed to catch a few fish in my life, but none have meant more than the ones I’ve caught on this project, because I know each is getting us closer to the day when Melanoma is a disease you’re diagnosed with, treated for, and then cured of.

And most importantly, we get to have fun fighting, and fishing, for that cure. I’m looking forward to getting on the water, having some fun, and spreading the word, and getting this second incarnation of the project off to a positive start.

If anyone’s in Oklahoma and interested in helping out, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at rickbach@ymail.com, or call or text at 315-794-8253.

The next time I post on this blog… I fully intend to be holding a fish that will bring us closer to a day when skin cancer is eradicated.

Thanks to everyone who has read, followed and supported my project and I’ll look forward to meeting more of you on this trip.

I like to think of it this way: Catching a largemouth bass is a great experience no matter who you are, where you’re from or what lake you’re fishing on. But when that bass means that more dollars are going to a place where they’ll finish skin cancer once and for all…. how can you beat that?